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Wisdom Offerings

Ongoing creative explorations into our
multi-dimensional unlimited Selves*

Venus in Penis
Fresh Crystal Fruits & Flowers
                             - Valentines Delight

Torpid Ditty
Turtle Medicine
A Perfect Day for Banana Fights
My New Skin
Mother Daughter Independence Day
"Learn to Fly! With Me." beckons the
             Ascension Queen

The Prophesy Fulfilled
             (Alchemy Formula #2)

Epiphany in Flowers
Sacred Image by Sheilan
            Sacred Poetry by wand'a gold!

Plato Quote
Lilies and the Corpseflower
A Spontaneous Vajra Song
Temporary Insanity
Hymn to Usha


*Thus far I am: Linda Zinman, Lizard, Linda Zinman Cohen,
Linda Cohen, Kumari, wand'a gold!, cherry linda,
Pema Osel** (Lotus of Luminosity), lilystar6, Doll

**When taking refuge in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha with the Ven.
Khenpos Paldan Sherab Rinpoche and Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche,
I received the refuge name Pema Osel... Luminous Lotus.