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FES Flower Essences


Dune Primrose (FES Range of Light)

Like the Evening Primrose, Dune Primrose relates to the feeling of having been abandoned by the Divine Feminine as the soul entered into carnation. The Dune Primrose's pure white blossoms fade to a very delicate pink. This movement of white to pink is a picture of the soul being born, coming out of the angel world into the delicate love forces of the earth. For many souls this incarnation experience is wounded, and the memory of having spiritual guardians is obliterated from the soul. This flower essence helps the soul remember the spiritual radiance of being born, the love and nurturing not only of those who welcomed the child here on earth, but those angels and guides in the spiritual world who helped the child come to earth. It helps adult souls who suffer from various forms of alienation and abandonment and who need to heal the latent soul memories surrounding their birth. The suffering in the soul is not only the harsh experience of birth, or the lack of a maternal bond, but also the feeling that the spiritual world was absent. Therefore the soul is unable to accept or understand that pain; that suffering or other birth trauma may have a deep soul purpose and karma.The soul feels bereft, as though it were in a desert, or literally "deserted." The Dune Primrose helps the soul re-establish its connection with a maternal angelic presence, so that the soul feels contained, held and protected. This flower essence is not only helpful for those persons who are healing birth trauma, but also for mothers whose pregnancies are marked by violence and poverty and who have lost contact with the spiritual forces surrounding the birth of their child.






Partial Descriptions taken from the Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz